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    How long will it take before I receive the results of my examination, and how will I receive the results?
    The response times for your examination depend on the analysis it contains. On our website, you can find descriptions and estimated response times for all our examinations and analyses. When the results of your examination are ready, you will be contacted by our health care team. What you receive depends on the examination you have undergone. You will either receive a response report with all your results combined with our personal recommendations for you or you will be summoned for a consultation and review of your results with the clinic doctor. In addition, in some cases, you will receive your analysis results directly in your public health medical record ( All responses, reports, personal recommendations, etc. are prepared and approved in collaboration with our clinic doctor.
    Can I rely on the results of my examination?
    We set high standards for the quality of our analyses and the competence of our staff. In our laboratory, we only use validated and approved equipment and reagents. We distinguish between which analyses are clinically diagnostic and thus CE-IVD approved, and which are only approved for research and screening. To ensure the highest quality, we run ongoing internal and external quality assurance controls and programs. Our staff is health care educated and undergo an in-depth training program before working in the laboratory and clinic. All our procedures and protocols are overseen by our clinic doctors. We also always ensure that all our collaborating laboratories have the necessary certificates, approvals, and accreditations for analyzing our samples.
    How do you ensure my data is protected?
    Your personal health information is recorded in our electronic case and document management system as well as our journal system. In addition, during examinations, information will be collected in the form of name, address, CPR number, and information regarding the specific inquiry, diagnosis, and treatment. This information is processed and stored securely and encrypted in accordance with GDPR regulations, the Health Act, and the Journal Regulations. You can read more about our procedures in our privacy policy.
    Will I receive medical counselling when I purchase an examination or test?
    When you have an examination with us, it is always a doctor who evaluates your results before they are provided to you. In some cases, it will be another health care worker who delivers the results to you. You always have the opportunity to schedule a consultation with the doctor who evaluated your results if you have any questions or concerns.
    Do you perform all analyses in your own laboratory?
    We perform some of the analyses in our own laboratory. The remaining analyses are carried out by specialized laboratories that we collaborate with. These laboratories are located around the world, for example in Denmark, Germany, the UK, and the USA.
    Does it cost money to be tested at your clinic?
    We are a private clinic and therefore not part of the public healthcare system, which means it costs money to be tested and examined at our clinic. Private health insurances can in some cases reimburse the expense or a portion of the expense. You should always check with your insurance to see if you are covered, and you are responsible for the administration of this yourself.