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How do I book an appointment for a health examination or test?
To book an appointment for a health examination or test, you can easily do so via our website by clicking on "Book Now." Here, you can select a suitable date and time that fits your needs. Fill in the necessary information and confirm your booking. Once your booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation message with further instructions.
Can I book an examination without a prior introductory consultation?
Yes, you can book an appointment for a test or examination without a prior introductory consultation. If you are unsure about what to choose or what suits you best, you are welcome to book a consultation with our doctor beforehand. If you have chronic diseases or conditions and wish to customize your own package, we always recommend speaking with a doctor first to ensure you get the most out of our services. Prices can be found under "Book Now."
What is the purpose of a health examination with us?
Our health examinations aim to identify potential health issues, assess your overall health, and help you optimise your health and quality of life in the long term. We perform a comprehensive health assessment and provide you with valuable information and recommendations that can help you maintain and improve your health now and in the future.

Our health examinations aim to identify potential health issues, assess your overall health, and help you optimize your health and quality of life in the long term. We perform a comprehensive health assessment by combining results from laboratory analyses and data collection, allowing us to form a complete picture of your health status and identify specific areas that need attention.

By undergoing a health examination, you have the opportunity to detect early signs of potential problems, identify risk factors, and receive personalized advice to improve your health and optimize your lifestyle. We believe that prevention is the key to a long and healthy life, and our health examinations enable you to make informed decisions to maintain and improve your health now and in the future.
What is the optimal age to get a health examination?
There is no set optimal age for getting a health examination, as individual needs and risk factors vary. We tailor our health examinations to each person based on age, gender, goals, symptoms, family history, and lifestyle factors.
Why is it important to get a health examination even if I have no symptoms?
Even if you do not experience symptoms, it is important to be aware that there may be underlying health issues that are not obvious. A health examination provides an opportunity to detect early signs of diseases, identify risk factors, and take proactive steps to optimize your health and extend your quality of life. By participating in regular health examinations, you gain insights into your physical and mental well-being, identify areas where you can improve your lifestyle, and prevent potential diseases, helping ensure that you maintain optimal health in the long term. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to take control of your health and optimize your long-term well-being and longevity.
How often is it recommended to get a health examination?
As a general rule, we recommend having a major health examination once a year to detect potential diseases in time. However, the frequency of health checks depends on several factors, including your age, general health, and any risk factors. We tailor our recommendations to each individual and can provide you with guidance on how often you should have a health examination based on your specific situation and needs.
How do I prepare for a health examination?
You will receive instructions prior to your health examination with specific guidelines on how to prepare. To ensure that you are well-prepared, we recommend reviewing the information available on our website about our health examination. Here you will find details about the examination process and the questions that are typically asked. This will give you a better understanding of what to expect and help you be well-prepared for the day. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly, and we will do our best to assist you.
Can I continue taking my medication before the examination?
It depends on the type of examination you are scheduled for. As a general rule, you should always continue taking any medication prescribed by your doctor unless otherwise instructed. If you are unsure, it is advisable to contact your doctor for further guidance.
Do I need to fast before the examination?
Whether fasting is necessary depends on the specific examination you are undergoing. You will receive instructions prior to the examination if fasting is required. In such cases, we recommend scheduling your appointment as early in the day as possible.
How long does a typical health examination take?
The duration of a typical health examination varies depending on the specific tests being conducted. Generally, the examination itself takes about 30 minutes. For individual blood tests, the duration typically ranges around 15 minutes.
How does a health examination proceed?
The process of a health examination depends on the specific tests you are scheduled to undergo. Detailed information about each examination can be found on our service's product page. Typically, you will arrive at the clinic at the scheduled time, where you will receive a brief introduction to the procedure. Physical examinations are then conducted, often concluding with blood tests. You are welcome to ask questions about the procedures during the examination or contact us beforehand if you have any doubts.
Are all analyses performed in your own laboratory?
We conduct some analyses in our own laboratory. Other analyses are carried out by specialized laboratories with which we collaborate. These laboratories are located worldwide, including in Denmark, Germany, the UK, and the USA.
How long will it take to receive my examination results and how will I receive them?
The turnaround time for your examination results depends on the analyses included. On our website, you can find descriptions and estimated turnaround times for all our examinations and analyses. Once your examination results are ready, our healthcare team will contact you. The format of your results depends on the type of examination you underwent. You will either receive a report containing all your results combined with our personalized recommendations, or you will be scheduled for a consultation to review your results with our clinic's doctor. Additionally, in some cases, your analysis results may be accessible directly in your health record on All reports, recommendations, etc., are prepared and approved in collaboration with our clinic's doctor.
Can I trust the results of my examination?
We maintain high standards for the quality of our analyses and the competence of our staff. In our laboratory, we use only validated and approved equipment and reagents. We clearly distinguish between clinically diagnostic analyses, which are CE-IVD approved, and those still approved for research and screening purposes only. To ensure the highest quality, we conduct ongoing internal and external quality assurance checks and programs. All our staff are health professionals who undergo comprehensive training before working in the laboratory. Our procedures and protocols are overseen by our clinic's doctors. Furthermore, we always ensure that all our collaborating laboratories have the necessary certificates, approvals, and accreditations for conducting our examinations.
How can I improve my results?
When you choose a comprehensive health examination such as Health Intelligence or Baseline, you will be invited to a doctor's consultation. Here, our staff will review your results with you and provide tailored recommendations so you know exactly how to improve your health. You can also find detailed information about each analysis on our website, including tips to improve your results. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible resources and guidance to optimize your health and achieve your goals.
How do you store and secure my data?
When you contact us, become a customer, or undergo an examination, your personal health information is recorded in our electronic case and document management system as well as our journaling system. During examinations, information such as your name, address, CPR number, and details regarding the specific consultation, diagnosis, and treatment will be collected. This information is processed and securely stored and encrypted in accordance with GDPR regulations, the Danish Health Act, and the Journaling Regulation.
Will I receive guidance from a doctor when purchasing an examination or test?
When you undergo an examination with us, it is always a doctor who evaluates your results before they are communicated to you. In some cases, another healthcare professional may deliver the results to you. You always have the option to purchase a consultation with the doctor if it is not included in your examination.
Does it cost money to be tested at your clinic?
Testing at our clinic does incur costs. We are a private clinic and therefore not part of the public healthcare system. Private health insurances may, in some cases, reimburse part or all of the expenses. You should always check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage, and you are responsible for handling the administration of this.
How much does an examination cost?
The cost of an examination varies depending on the specific type of examination you require. You can find the prices for our examinations listed on our website. Our prices may vary based on different packages and any additional options you may choose.
Can you prescribe medication?
Our doctor can prescribe medication for you if there is a medical indication for it. The indication is assessed individually by the responsible doctor.

The fee for creating the first prescription is 1,450 DKK. This amount is payable whether the prescription is part of a consultation, treatment plan, or another package. This does not apply for hormone therapy.

Secondary prescriptions cost 450 DKK per prescription.

For the renewal of prescriptions, a consultation is required in most cases, which is paid for separately.

The fee for renewing a prescription is 650 DKK per prescription.