The information on this website is for informational purposes only. No material on this website, unless expressly stated, is for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases. The information on this website constitutes only information about health optimization. If you have a diagnosis, are under medical treatment, or are pregnant, you should always consult your own doctor before starting a new treatment. Never ignore or delay advice from your own doctor because of anything you have read on this website.


Health Examinations

Aetas offers health optimisation. The selection of included biomarkers in Health Intelligence is based on the latest peer-reviewed research. There is a substantial amount of evidence linking abnormal biomarkers to an increased risk of disease or health problems, and we provide suggestions for interventions to reduce risk, improve health, and normalise biomarkers. However, most of the evidence for such interventions focuses on people with a well-defined disease or very high levels of disease risk. Therefore, there is generally limited evidence for further improving the health of already healthy individuals. To assist our clients in their improvement journey, we may provide information and advice that are extrapolated from research in other areas, which inherently involves some speculation. We make a conscientious effort to communicate this during our consultations.

While some included biomarkers may aid in diagnosing certain diseases, it is important to note that health optimisation cannot replace treatment or advice from your physician or other healthcare professionals.